Windscreen repairs and insurance glass cover

Repair those nasty chips and cracks

Windscreen Repair

Our special resin repairs those nasty chips and cracks as well as helping to avoid the windscreen continue cracking. A small stone on the windshield can have a big impact! A bullseye or starburst can reduce the strength of the windshield up to 40%. We can repair a stonechip or starburst in your windshield. Even cracks up to 40 cm can be repaired. After the repair your windshield has the original strength as before.

Take advantage of our insurance glass repair claims as a trusted insurance repairer. Once our team has assessed your window we can safely decide that our product is the best solution for you.

Process for submitting an insurance glass repair claim

1. VEHICLE DETAILS; ask the vehicle owner for the ownership details of the vehicle, including the vehicle registration and the name of their insurance company

2. INSURANCE COMPANY; phone the insurance company claims office and indicate to them that you are seeking a claim number for the required repair. Provide them with all of the vehicle details. Ask the insurer for confirmation that the vehicle owner has glass cover - and ask for confirmation that the policy is current, and then ask for a claim number, and for any other information they may require to complete the claim. Also ask for an email address to where you can email your invoice

3. INVOICING; email the invoice once the repair is completed.
Allow 7 days for the insurer to accept and pay the invoice

NOTE; providing the repair invoice is not excessive of the accepted market value in your area, it will generally be accepted for payment