Headlight Repaired

Headlight Rejuvenation

Rejuvenate your headlights, without replacing them!

Many vehicles on the road today have yellowed and cloudy headlights due to UV light damage as well as wear and tear from weather and road debris. The result is not only poor vehicle appearance and reduced reselling value but it also compromises safety.

Through our rejuvenation process we can restore clarity to your cloudy or yellowed headlights. Our HBC Headlight Repair System is a fast and easy way to repair damaged headlights.

The headlight restoral materials do not prejudice the polycarbonates mechanical resistance but protect it from the otherwise inevitable yellowing. The protective product is a UV clear which is specifically designed to deflect the New Zealand sun. Provided the headlight is not broken, we can use our innovative sanding system to repair deeply scoured or scratched back to their former self.

Click on the image of the headlight to view before and after photos.

HBC Guarantee

* HBC System guarantees that automotive lights applied with the UV-Protective Coating remain clear for one year. Provided all instructions have been followed exactly as described.